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Fourth Graders Create Music Video to Promote Respect

Posted on by Yankee Ridge Elementary

As part of the mid-year expectations assembly, fourth grade students at Yankee Ridge created their own music video — “It’s Called Respect!”

Students played a big part in the creation of the video by planning different scenarios and situations to film. They decided which ideas were important to show to other students. “We decided to use scenarios of students not being respectful, so that anyone watching could comment on what should have been done instead.” said Ms. Claxon.

Students used Garage Band to record their voices during class and Ms. Claxon edited it together with video footage using iMovie. During a “private screening” on February 14, students had the chance to see their film before anyone else. “They were very proud to say the least!”



  1. Shelley Campbell says:

    Great video! So proud of the Yankee Ridge 4th graders!

  2. MusicMan says:

    WOW! Great to see young people excited about a good, positive message. So creative! Rapping, dancing, video editing … Give that teacher a bonus!

  3. Natasha Rouse says:

    Great video, loved each and everyone of you…..Great job

  4. shevon brown walker says:

    Very good job!! Nice show of creativity.

  5. Nancy Blanford says:

    Way to go Yankee Ridge! Miss Claxon, you’ve got it goin’ on. If anyone wants to know, these are some of the best kids you could hope to know.

  6. Patti Pattison says:

    Great Video! Very talented students and a great example of a wonderful Urbana teacher who goes above and beyond to teach our community of children.

  7. Alex Jones says:

    Good Job!

  8. zaryanna cavatte says:

    i cant stop waching it

  9. adanyah lockett says:

    i love this video good job 4th graders

  10. Emily Yan says:

    Wow! That was a remarkable video!! Keep up the good work 4th graders! \(^-^)/

  11. Alora and Aryanna Rent says:

    That was BEAST!We’re really proud of the fourth graders. I can’t stop watching it!!!

  12. chyna says:

    this is the best video ever thank you ms.claxon

  13. Anita Rent says:

    Great Job Yankee Ridge 4th graders! What a talented bunch :)

  14. Lisa Warhover says:

    Great job 4th graders! It was great to see you all preform at the sock hop and see you all so proud of promoting a positive message!

  15. Great job and a wonderful message 4th graders. So proud of you all.

  16. Great job and a wonderful message 4th graders. Proud of you all.

  17. Mrs. (Pam) Green says:

    Awesome!! Your Yankee Ridge Pride is shining. Keep up the good work and never forget your wonderful message R-E-S-P-E-C-T others as well as yourself.

  18. Brenda Eastham & Deziree says:

    Good job and a great message 4th graders. So proud of you.

  19. Aayia says:

    I want to be in that video the 4th graders rock!

  20. Gracie says:

    Great job!!!!! I love watching it!

  21. adayah says: