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Coyote Book Exchange

student looking at booksThe goal of the Coyote Book Exchange is to help Wiley students develop a real passion for reading. And we hope they will read on their own each and every day because the more students read, the better readers they will become!

Kathy Hansen, Reading Intervention Specialist at Wiley, says it is very important for students to have books in their homes so students and their families to read on their own time and for fun. The Coyote Book Exchange helps Wiley families build their at-home book collections.

Hansen says this program allows students to take ownership of reading. “It’s different than the libraries; this is actually their book. They know they are borrowing it here. If they want to bring it back they can – if not, they can keep the book,” Hansen explains.

In the future, Hansen hopes to receive a grant that will help the Book Exchange build its collection. She especially hopes to increase the non-fiction titles that can be offered to students.

Even though the program is new, Hansen says the Wiley Book Exchange is already a success. She adds, “We’ve been really pleased with (the Book Exchange). Parents have been pleased, the kids are excited, and it’s been a great experience for us.”

The Book Exchange has around 1,500 books that have been donated by families. Students go with their class to the Coyote Book Exchange once a week to select books. They may bring a quarter for each book they wish to purchase and keep or, alternately, they can bring a “gently-used” book to exchange for a different book. Teachers also periodically may give students a “free book” coupon.

Donate Books

Donate Books

Please support us by sending gently-used books to school. We would appreciate donations of books that are in good shape and of interest to children, ages 1-12.