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History of Wiley Elementary


Our 1999-2000 staff members and PTA officers were:

As Dr. Fortschneider noted in her principal’s message, we were “off to a great start with plenty of school spirit as we begin another year with HIGH EXPECTATIONS for student SUCCESS through TEAMWORK in a school community that demonstrates RESPECT for all.”

We had a great beginning to the new school year! On 8/24/99 Wiley’s school improvement teams including staff and parents met for an afternoon institute at the Lake House at Crystal Lake Park. In addition to hearing an update from each working commitee (Reading, Writing, and Discipline), the institute included a presentation on discipline by Sousa, Peacock, Sousa Associates. The afternoon concluded with a discussion of the PTA’s proposed schoolwide reading incentive program, “Wiley Readers Ride in Style”. In followup, the faculty approved the program at it’s regular monthly meeting on 8/30/99.

PTA offered “School Supply Kits” as a service project for each grade level. Parents were able to purchase each childs supplies at cost.

An open house for Kindergarten parents was held on the evening of 8/25/00. The program was well attended and provided incoming parents with the opportunity to meet classroom teachers and to learn obout the Kindergarten instructional program at Wiley. The schoolwide OPEN HOUSE and ICE CREAM SOCIAL was held on Friday, Sept. 17th. That evening, staff, students and their families were able to see a Magic show, enjoy supper and ice cream, visit each child’s teacher and attend a short PTA meeting.

On the first day of school, all students, staff and parents present assembled in front of the school to join in singing the Wiley School song prior to coming into the building that morning. This event was enjoyed by all and even made the “news” (Gazette).

PTA’s theme for the year was “Celebrating the Magic of Children”and celebrating the 10th anniversary of the “reopening” of Wiley School. They sponsored a school party at Skateland on Thursday, Oct. 7, 1999. Classrooms collected Education Boxtops and Campbell Soup Labels. Students also helped PTA raise over $7000 in the product sale. Many students participated in the National PTA Reflections Program, “Anything is possible…”. The Wiley PTA Fun Fair “Millennium Invasion was enjoyed by all on Sat. Feb 26, 2000. PTA does so many things at Wiley to support our students and education! Our Tshirt design celebrated the millineum.

The District introduced a new spelling program in the elementary and middle schools, The Sitton Spelling Program. Wiley was the first to initiate this program in our school from the Writing Committee in 1998 with no excuse word lists, dictionaries, additional staff training and support.

Literacy Block Times, Literacy Folders and the DRA Assessment was introduced to staff for implemenation from the Reading Committee. A Rothstein inservice was provided by the Writing Committee and training for Sousa Peacock Sousa Discipline was provided by the Discipline Committee. We also continued the “Hallways are Quietways” and “Give Me Five” Discipline Initiatives.

Second Step Social Skills Curriculum fully implemented for kindergarten children.

A Kindergarten reception for new Wiuley families and students was held.

During the summer 37 Wiley students participated in the Urbana Free Library’s “Read For the Fun Of It” program.

Some of the older students at Wiley continued to help the younger students become better readers by participating in “Book Buddies”. The upper and lower aged classrooms partnered for a reading time each week.

On Oct. 18th, Kindergarten classes and their families attended a “Come Read To Me” Night. Parents were presented with a mini workshop on reading strategies from Debbie McDermott from our Adult Education Program. Children got to participate in reading and writing activities. Following these activities, parents met their children in the classroom where the Kindergarten teachers shared their reading program, students and parents had some fun reading time, and every child was able to select a book of their own form the Parkland RIF. The 100th Day of School was also celebrated by Kindergarten staff, students and families at a math night.

PTA helped Wiley celebrate American Education Week from November 14-20, 1999 with the theme “Students Today, Leaders Tomorrow”. Tracy Parsons, Urban League President, gave a motivational speech at a Kick off Assembly. Students read so many books as “Readers are Leaders” and made a paper chain to wrap around the gym. Students also created a display “If I were the Principal of Wiley School…” Wiley students were then able to dress up for “When I grow up, I want to be….Dressup Day”. PTA treated the students to a new bookmark and a popcorn party in celebration of all their good effort and work.

Gifted Parent Programs were offered including Understanding Your Gifted Child from the Inside Out by Patricia Gatto-Walden, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Magical Questions for Nurturing your Gifted Child’s Thinking by Betty Hartsog, Consultant on National parent Workshops.

Title 1 also sponsored Parenting for Success workshops titled “Learning At Home”, “Boundaries and Expectations”, and “Positive Values”. Being a schoolwide Title school, Title 1 also included “Recipes for Success Practical Activities to Help Your Child Succeed” in PTA Newsletters.

MANY Wiley students recieved certificates and “Kids Free Meal” Coupons for achieving PERFECT ATTENDANCE each quarter from Fazoli’s Italian Restaurant and our Community Outreach Program.

Our Wiley Family Center was developed by our Kindergarten Transition Coordinator, Dottie Davito and Cheryl Gherna, PTA Parent. It is meant to be a welcoming and comfortable place for all Wiley people and family members to visit. Some features include the Literature and Reading Rack, 5cent Book Shelf, Children’s Coat Closet, Lending Library, and Doodle Drawers. Treats and support was offered in the center during each parent-teacher conference days.

At the PTA Founder’s Day Dinner in February, our PTA honored 3 people with an Illinois PTA Life Membership in appreciation of their outstanding service to children. Cindy Strehlow, Jim Stehlow and Cheryl Gherna have given an extraordinary amount of time and energy in support of the children at Wiley School.

Twenty two students were honored as classroom winners for Young Authors for 2000. Seven of these were honored as our District winners. These students participated in Young Authors Day with other elementary schools. Matthew was chosen as our State Representative for Young Authors 2000.

The Orpheum Children’s Science Museum offered the community “Weekend Wizards”. Jill Quisenberry, a Wiley Teacher, serves on their board and taught many of the weekends. Some topics were Slimes and Goobers!, Orpheum Earth Day, Hydroponics, 9th Annual Kids Building Fair, and Women in Science Rock!

Parkland College offered “College For Kids” as a summer enrichment program for elementary and middle school students. Summer mini courses offered including science, art, computers, languages, and other special topics.