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History of Wiley Elementary


Our 1994-1995 staff members and PTA officers were:

Thanks to our ambitious staff, we received an Urbana Education partnership Grant which allowed us to install new sound and lighting equipment on our stage; bring in special African-American guests including Mr. David Philpot, artist and woodcarver, Dr. Margaret Burroughs, poet, and Ms. Nora Brooks Blakely, who helped direct students and staff to develop a theater production entitled “Tandika Tales”. The grant also supplemented our “revived”Enrichment Program, sponsored by the PTA, to provide after school classes for students.

Students voted to have the “coyote” as our school mascot as seen on our new shirt design.

Wiley PTA produced and sold a Wiley Cookbook which featured favorite recipes from our families.

Joan Fortschneider was honored at the “Those Who Excel” awards program, principal category.

Marcy Vancil was honored and represented our school and community in Washington D.C. as Disney saluted 36 teachers in the “American Teacher Awards” telecast live on the Disney Channel.

The Wiley butterfly garden was constructed in honor of the retirement of Shirley Splittstoesser, teacher. Cub scouts and leaders, parents, community members and Shirley herself, donated many hours to this project.

Our school district had to outline a plan to reduce district expenses by $75,000 for the 1995-1996 school year.

“The Random Acts of Kindness Program”, whcih promoted “Committing random acts of kindness” was introduced, including monthly assemblies, monthly themes and learning the “Kindness is Cool” rap from the Wiley Rappers.

The PTA sponsored a student library aide volunteer program.

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