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Reporting an Absence

Please call Wiley School at 384-3670 by 10 a.m. to report a student absence on the first day of the absence and every day thereafter until the student returns. Schools are required by law to contact parents early in the school day if students are absent without explanation. This measure is an important safety precaution.

District policy provides guidelines for the reasons which allow the student absence to be marked as “excused,” such as student illness, illness in the immediate family, or a family emergency. We depend on parents to see that students do not miss school for other reasons, which must typically be recorded as “unexcused.”

It is well established that students have better academic achievement when their attendance is good. With that fundamental goal in mind, whenever there is an absence or tardy concern, our School Outreach Worker will contact parents. She works with the children and their families, asking how to provide support that leads to improved attendance and learning.

Family vacations should be planned whenever possible to coincide with the school calendar. If you must take a student out of school for a planned absence, please request a form from the secretary to request that the absence be reviewed to determine if it can be recorded as “excused.”

Tardiness to School

It is important that your child arrives at school on time. The first bell rings at 8:10, classes begin at 8:15. Students are tardy at 8:15.