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Wiley Elementary Hosts Spirit of Uganda Performance

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This past Wednesday, Wiley Elementary was proud to host special visitors from Uganda for an afternoon of performance and integrated classroom activities.  The performers are with group called Spirit of Uganda, which is made of up children ages 8-18 who attend school together in Uganda. They perform drumming, dance, and folk tales with traditional instruments and give the history about the pieces. Spirit of Uganda strives to bring the richness of Uganda’s culture to the world as it educates about the nations’ struggles and difficult circumstances for the children affected by war and poverty. This group is funded by a nonprofit organization committed to the education of the whole child called Empower African Children, which helps these children to become leaders in their community and global society.

Wiley students will welcome the performers with protest songs from America during the assembly. While at Wiley, Spirit of Uganda will perform excerpts of their bigger performances which take place at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts from February 8-10. Following the assembly, members of the Spirit of Uganda will be hosted by 3-5th grade classrooms in a variety of activities.

The encounter with children from Uganda was a wonderful way for Wiley students to learn about some of the experiences of children around the world, as well as to gain further understanding of how the arts are truly an international language.

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