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Science Teachers' Resource Sites
Kentucky Education Television List of Science Sites by category
Dynamic Science Activities
Web Site to provide teachers and pupils of Buttershaw Upper School with a range of activities which enrich their science education.
Science Museum of Minnesota
Many online projects
From Windmills to Whirligigs
Vollis Simpson's wind powered activities
Classroom Connect: Science 7-12
Wide variety of WWW sites for 7-12 science teachers and students
The School Page
Internet Education Resource Center: many categories, including the Physics Page
Science Central
Just being developed, check back.
Frank Potter's Science Gems: Physical Science
More than 2000 WWW resources organized by category
Physics Concepts
Technical information and ask an engineer
Amusement Park Physics
Includes a good physics glossary
free physics applets
Physics 2000
Good information and interactive applets.
Science Learning Network
Animated gif example plus resources
Ask and get answers about science, archives of past questions
MAD Scientist Network
e-mail questions and one of a network of scientists who contribute will answer. Archives of questions, links and more

Mousetrap Projects

Operation Egg Launch
Catapult egg lauch directions
Mousetrap Cars
Commercial site to sell things, but has technical tips and a teacher reference section
Mousetrap Car Contest
More rules for mousetrap car contests in the classroom
Building a Better Mousetrap Car
Downloads for handouts, teacher/student sections
Mousetrap Cars and Roller Coasters Websites
Links to many projects.
Lots of commercial products and books for mousetrap projects.
Mousetrap Catapult
Catapult using mousetrap and ping pong balls (links to Bridge Building, Clockworks Vehicle, Demolition Crane and Mousetrap Vehicle)

Toothpick Projects

Toothpick Structures
Pictures of incredible toothpick structures.
Exploratorium-Geodesic Gumdrop Activity
Explains the importance of triangles
Hands On Problems Page
This site contains 16 different hands on projects including a toothpick bridge and tower activity.
Toothpick Bridge Prject
This Toothpick Bridge Project Site from Cedar Fall High School provides research and design resources
Bridge Building using Model Bridge Software

Sail Cars

Sail Car Contest
Project instructions with the goal to design and construct a car with a sail within 30 minutes that is powered by blowing for 10 seconds and travels the farthest.

Egg Drop Links

All About Egg Drops
Contest materials include a hot glue gun, an egg and 150 toothpicks.
Egg Drop Project
Make or build something that is the lightest possible weight, and yet durable enough to protect an egg thrown off the swimming pool roof so that the egg doesn't break from the fall.
Egg Drop Contest
Egg Drop
Photos of an egg drop contest from a grain elevator

Water Rocket Links

Rocket Science
Water Rockets with cans, also a Java-based Water-Rocket Simulation
The Water Rocket Garage
Many water rockets resources including movies, spreadsheet templates, and tips
Water Rocket!
Directions for making a water rocket launcher

Model Rockets

Model Rocketry for Educators
This web page will help you learn about model rocketry and how it can be used within the classroom.
Rocket Equations
How to accurately predict speed and altitude for your rocket from weight, diameter, motor thrust and impulse.
Hitchhikers Guide to Model Rocketry
A complete guide to model rocketry including a Java simulator created by students in the Think Quest competition.

Air Car