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Sample Report Template

I. Problem Statement

Students write a concise statement reflecting the goal of the project.

II. Method

Materials List:
Students list all materials used in the design and construction of the device.
Students describe the design and construction of their project in detail. Diagrams, pictures, and/or video should be included in this section.

III. Performance Results

Students document and report the performance of their final project. Data should be recorded and displayed in charts and graphs.

IV. Analysis

Students discuss the performance of the project. In this discussion the students should describe how the project works and the science concepts behind the device. Teachers may wish to include specific questions in this section to provide some guidance. A description of any problems encountered and how they were overcome in the course of the project should be included in this section.

V. Suggestions

This section should be a discussion of what improvements the students would try to incorporate in the project if it were to be repeated.