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Arrival and Entrance to the Building

Grade Level Entrances

Arrival and Entrance to the Building In the morning students should not arrive prior to 8:00 AM. Staff supervision of students begins at 8:00 AM. Students should report to the doors listed below for entry. Students wishing to see a teacher before school must have a pass to enter the building. On days of inclement weather, students will be brought inside beginning at 8:00 AM. All visitors must enter the building through the Main Entrance (Door #1).

8th graders Main Entrance (Door #1)
7th graders Vine and Michigan doors (Door #5)
6th Graders North Vine Street doors (Door #4)
Students eating breakfast 8:00-8:30 Main Entrance (Door #1)
Students arriving after 8:38 Main Entrance (Door #1)
Early morning music rehearsals Main Entrance (Door #1)

Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Bicycles, Skateboards and Rollerblades – Bicycle racks are available on the school grounds near each entrance. All bikes are to be parked in these racks. UMS does not assume responsibility for damaged or stolen bicycles. Bicycles, skateboards, scooters, heelies, in-line skates, etc. are not to be used on school grounds.

Bus Transportation

Bus transportation to and from a student’s verified home residence is provided for those children who live beyond certain boundaries set by the Illinois State Board of Education. If a student qualifies for transportation, the student will be assigned to a specific bus which is the only bus the student is permitted to ride. All buses utilize video monitoring systems. Transportation is provided by the Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District (384-8188) or First Student Bus Service (344-4586)

Bus/I.D. Passes Students eligible to ride the MTD or a First Student bus to school will be issued a bus pass as part of their student ID. It is the student’s responsibility to have the bus pass with them when boarding the bus. Students may obtain one temporary bus pass per quarter. Students may purchase a new ID for $5.00 in the Main Office. Students without an appropriate bus pass may be denied transportation.

Bus Conduct

All students must follow the District’s School Bus Safety Guidelines. The Superintendent, or any designee as permitted in The School Code, is authorized to suspend a student from riding the school bus for up to 10 consecutive school days for engaging in gross disobedience or misconduct, including but not limited to, the following:

  1. Prohibited student conduct as defined in School Board policy, 7:190, Student Discipline and the District’s Bus Rules and Expectations.
  2. Willful injury or threat of injury to a bus driver or to another rider.
  3. Willful and/or repeated defacement of the bus.
  4. Repeated use of profanity.
  5. Repeated willful disobedience of a directive from a bus driver or other supervisor.
  6. Such other behavior as the Superintendent or designee deems to threaten the safe operation of the bus and/or its occupants.

If a student is suspended from riding the bus for gross disobedience or misconduct on a bus, the School Board may suspend the student from riding the school bus for a period in excess of 10 days for safety reasons. The District’s regular suspension procedures shall be used to suspend a student’s privilege to ride a school bus.

Responsibilities of Students Using School Transportation

Riding a bus to and from school is a privilege extended to students that can be taken away for disruptive or unsatisfactory conduct. All students being transported are under the authority of the bus driver and monitor and must obey his/her requests. Specific regulations are posted on the buses. School rules and consequences are applicable while riding the bus.

Safe Walking Route Maps

To help your UMS student determine the best route possible for walking to school, download the Champaign-Urbana Safe Routes To School Project (C-U SRTS PROJECT) Safe Walking Route to Urbana Middle School (pdf) maps.