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School Information

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The entire staff of Urbana Middle School welcomes our students and their families to a new school year. The beginning of a new school year offers many opportunities and challenges for students and their teachers to find success and happiness. The worth of any school depends on the school spirit and interest of the students, staff, parents and community. In the past, we have all shown a desire to cooperate in making Urbana Middle School the kind of school we can all be proud of in our community. We are sure this tradition will continue in the future. The faculty and staff will remain available throughout the school year to assist in any way we can to make this school year your most successful yet.


The mission of Urbana Middle School, a community of learning, is to engage and inspire students while promoting their intellectual, social, and emotional growth.

Important Phone Numbers

Attendance Line: 384-3688
Main Office: 384-3685
District Nurse: 384-3564
FAX: 367-3156
USD 116 Central Office: 384-3600