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UMS Leadership

The UMS Leadership Group was started two years ago. A team of students are selected as leaders or potential leaders in the school. The students meet about once a week to learn leadership skills and plan for leadership opportunities in the building. This year there will be a focus on Restorative Practices, which is a district-wide initiative. The leaders will learn how to support others in conflict through restorative circles.

A Restorative Circle is a community process for supporting those in conflict. It brings together the three parties to a conflict – those who have acted, those directly impacted and the wider community – within an intentional systemic context, to dialogue as equals. Participants invite each other and attend voluntarily. The dialogue process used is shared openly with all participants, and guided by a community member. The process ends when actions have been found that bring mutual benefit.”  ~Dominic Barter


Stephanie Menold-Smith, School Social Worker

Office Phone: 217-384-3685 Ext. 2701

Email: smenold-smith@usd116.org