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UMS GSA is a student initiated group that began in 2013. A group of UMS students saw a need for a safe space for students who identify as LGBT and their allies. Any and all students are welcome at GSA. The group was established upon the value that all students deserve to feel safe at school and to feel comfortable being themselves without fear. We have meetings once a week, typically during 7th or 8th grade lunch hours. We also participate in Champaign-Urbana Pride Weekend in the Fall and the National Day of Silence in the Spring. Please feel free to come stop by a meeting to learn more!

“Never doubt that a Small Group of thoughtful, committed citizens can Change The World; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”-Margaret Mead


Stephanie Menold-Smith, School Social Worker

Office Phone: 217-384-3685 Ext. 2701

Email: smenold-smith@usd116.org