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Language Arts Department

Course Description:

Authentic literacy is the ability to communicate effectively, think critically and express complex ideas through listening, speaking, reading and writing. The Language Arts Department at Urbana Middle School strives to encourage all students to become successful readers and writers who will use authentic literacy skills for the remainder of their lives. All lessons, activities, projects and assessments are designed to motivate, challenge and encourage individual and independent student learning.

ELA teachers are constantly collaborating to find the best and most efficient ways to implement authentic literacy. By differentiating lessons, students performing at every level have the ability to reach their potential. Those students needing additional support may be assigned to a tier 2 intervention Reading Connections course that is taught by team ELA teachers and focuses on improving fluency, comprehension and vocabulary. Those students needing a more intense intervention will be assigned to a tier 3 Reading Dimensions course focusing on critical reading skills.

Curriculum Coordinator

Julia Lowry