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Academics at UMS

Instructional Materials

It is the responsibility of parents to inform the building principal or assistant principal if they would prefer their children not use or observe instructional materials that have content that might be offensive to them. The teachers are professional and conscientious, but we recognize that families have a right to determine the appropriateness of materials for their children. It is the responsibility of students or their parents to inform classroom teachers when they need to use an alternative set of materials for personal reasons. This complies with Board of Education policy 6:40, Curriculum Development.

A comprehensive list of core materials and major works that may be used for instruction can be found at each building and on the district website: www.usd116.org under the Curriculum link. This list is reviewed by the Board of Education on an annual basis. This complies with Board of Education policy 6:210, Instructional Materials.


Because UMS wishes to assist students in developing habits and skills of independent study and desires to extend learning time beyond the regular school day, homework will be assigned by teachers at all grade levels. As a rule, students will receive homework assignments each school day, and the amount of time required to complete such homework will vary. Parents will be expected to provide a quiet, well-lighted place for children to study and to see that their children complete homework assignments. Parents may, but will not be expected to, assist their children in understanding homework. Students will complete homework and submit it to their teachers on time. Teachers will evaluate and provide meaningful feedback in a timely manner. In addition to daily homework, students are encouraged to read independently for at least 30 minutes per day. Parents are encouraged to monitor their child’s homework and contact the individual teacher who assigned the homework when questions or concerns arise. Parents may access the team blog for more homework information at www.usd116.org/UMS. Parents may also access Skyward Gradebook to check student progress.

During an extended absence (three days or more), parents may call the Office to request homework assignments before 10:00 AM. Assignments for students will be available for pick-up in the Office at the end of the following school day. If assignments are not requested prior to the student’s return to school from an absence, it becomes the student’s and/or parent’s responsibility to contact each of the student’s teachers to determine what assignments need to be made-up and the deadline for turning them in. A student will have at least one day to make up work for each day of absence. Teachers are not expected to reteach information missed by students during an absence.