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Seeking Community-Led Enrichment Volunteers

Posted on by swoods

Dear UMS Families,

For more than a decade, UMS has partnered with parents and community members to provide enrichment courses to small groups of students. Each semester highly-specialized adults volunteer to meet with students for six class periods (one class period a week for six weeks) to teach a short unit-of-study. Of particularly high interest to our students are hands-on activities in the fields of science and technology, engineering, mathematics, and computer programming. However, we have found that hands-on units in any field are well-received by students.

In past years, we have called these courses Parent-Led Enrichment (PLE). In order to acknowledge the many community partners who work with our school, this year we are renaming the program Community-Led Enrichment (CLE). In our community, we have many, many parents and community members with unique and cutting-edge professional skills.

Generally, classes are limited to nine students. Students are selected by academic subject teachers because the student may have high interest and/or high aptitude in the content. Additionally, the subject teacher must determine if the students who participate are able to miss six class periods of regular course instruction.

If you are a highly skilled professional and may be interested in volunteering to be part of this program, please complete attached form or email Julia Lowry at jlowry@usd116.org. Mrs. Lowry will work with you to determine the best fit for you and our students in terms scheduling, recruiting students, and assisting you with the challenges and opportunities that arise when working with middle schoolers. Also, attached here is an information sheet with ideas about how to lead your courses.


Scott Woods, Principal

Julia Lowry, Instructional Coach

CLE Application 2017-2018

CLE Information for Volunteers