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The Urbana High School Pictorial History Website is designed as a research tool for persons interested in UHS and its architect Joseph Royer. It is also used as a teaching tool at UHS.

The photographs, for the most part, are specificaly presented before the text to allow the user to guess what the photograph is before reading further. This emulates the discovery process used to create the Pictorial History: the pictures were found first, and the explanations followed. The site is also designed to make the user feel that the information has just been discovered from deep in the files of the historic archives. Most of the photos are in sepia tone and have a white border, to appear not unlike photographs in the picture file at the archives, and the text floats over a background of parchment paper.

This website was created by Stephen Larson (see photograph above), a member of the Urbana High School Class of 2003. Larson started researching the Urbana High School in September of 2000, first out of curiosity and later for an enriched speech class. In addition to this website, he has created a half-hour slide presentation about the history of the school and a large binder containing over 150 photographs from past Rosemarys and newspaper clippings.

Larson's slide presentation has been eagerly viewed by organizations such as the Urbana Optimist Club, the Urbana Rotary Club, the Urbana Exchange Club, the UHS PTSA and the Champaign County Historic Society. His efforts have also earned him a Special Heritage Award from the Preservation and Conservation Association (P.A.C.A.).

This new design for the site was created in accordance to the class requirements of the Multimedia Design course at UHS taught by Mrs. Susan Gleason in the spring semester of 2003. It was created with Macromedia Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash software. All of the images found on this website were edited with Adobe Photoshop software. The music for the Flash intro was synthesized with Coda Finale software.

Although this website deals with historic topics, and thus is not time sensitive, it may be necessary to some to know that this site was last updated in May, 2003.


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This website would have never existed without the help of Ms. Carol Godoy from the Information and Technology Services department at Urbana High School.

Most of the information and photographs on this website are from the files at the Champaign County Historical Archives at the Urbana Free Library in Urbana, IL.

Addition information and diagrams are from the archives of the Urbana School District #116 Central Office.

Much of the rest of the information found on the this website was graciously contributed, in the form of stories, by the following persons:

Mr. William Boyd, c/o 1937

Mr. Gregory Chew, UHS faculty

Ms. Jean Gordon, c/o 1944; Champaign County Historical Archives

Ms. Penny Hanna, UHS faculty

Ms. Sherry Kercheval, c/o 1974

Mr. David Lemons, UHS faculty

Mr. Paul Lock, UHS faculty

Mr. Kenneth Peters, UHS faculty, retired

Ms. Theryl Newland, c/o 1966

Mr. Ray Stoia, UHS faculty


Certain architectural blueprints are provided courtesy of

Isaksen & Glerum

Victor E. Isaksen, Chief Executive Officer


Certain photographs provided by

Chicago Architectural Photographing Company


If you have any questions regarding this website, please contact:

Urbana High School

1002 South Race Street

Urbana, Illinois 61801

School telephone - (217) 384-3505

FAX - (217) 384-3532


Some features of this website require plug-ins available at other websites. The Urbana High School and the Urbana School District #116 are not responsible for the content of any websites linked to from this website. Users visit links from this website at their own risk.

In addition, UHS and District #116 cannot guarantee the functionality of certain features of this website that use those third-party plug-ins.

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