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Click on the links below to access webpages created by Mr. Foley for use in the classroom:
  • Strike to be more human!
    An on-line exploration of the anti-Vietnam War protests at the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign in May, 1970.  These pages are designed to guide students into a deeper understanding of the nature of anti-war protest by using a case study from U of I.  This is also a growing archive of documents relating to the protests, including student-created oral histories.

  • The Case of the Curfew
    During the Vietnam War era many communities responded to protests by instituting curfew laws.  Some of these laws were found to be illegal, for various reasons.  In this lesson students will use primary sources to explore the actions of their local government in creating a curfew law, and the response of the protest community resulting in the law being overturned.  Finally, students will examine current curfew laws in their community and reflect of the meaning of these laws.

  • The Potawatomi Trail of Death
    A website built in conjunction with the Early American Museum in Mahomet, IL.  This site uses primary sources to tell the tragic tale of the Potawatomi Trail of Death, which passed through Champaign County in the late summer of 1838.

  • The Plantation Books On-Line
    A website built on James Henry Hammond's Plantation Manual, this site is designed to expose the realities of slavery on plantations in South Carolina during the 19th century.

  • Say it Plain Teacher Resources
    A unit of study based around the radio program Say it Plain, which examines African-American leaders and their famous speeches.

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