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Parent Classroom Volunteers

Each teacher welcomes classroom volunteers. Teachers understand the importance of hands-on experiences as ways of helping children learn. For this reason, they may plan activities in their classrooms which may require an extra pair of hands. If you wish to be a volunteer and be that extra pair of hands in the classroom, please inform your child’s teacher. If you are unable to be in the classroom, there are alway opportunities to help the teacher at your home.

What do classroom volunteers do?

Common tasks include:

How do I become a parent classroom volunteer?

  1. Contact Laura Kerlin, the Volunteer Coordinator for Leal Elementary School at (217)384-3618 or, if you have no school preference, contact Thomas Howley (217) 337-0853 at Urbana Middle School.
  2. Fill out an application form and release statement and a criminal background check form. Return completed applications to the school in which you wish to volunteer or if you do not have a school preference, send to Urbana Middle School.
  3. Commit to a regular volunteering time
  4. Participate in a volunteer orientation
  5. Start coming to school!