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Reporting an Absence

You may call the attendance voice mail directly at any time by calling (217)384-3625. Please leave your student’s full name, their classroom teacher’s name and the reason for absence. Please call before 8:30 am on the day of the absence. If you would like to speak to the secretary, you may call (217)384-3618.

In special cases where absence is over an extended time or is frequent, the principal may request reasons in writing from the parent and/or a statement from a physician.
If it is not possible to telephone during an excused absence, you may submit a written statement indicating the dates of the absence and the reasons for the absence. This should be sent to the office on your child’s first day back from the absence.

If an extended absence is anticipated, you should complete the form, “Request to Classify an Anticipated Absence as Excused” at least one week prior to the absence. These forms are available in the Leal School Office.

Schools Plan of Action

In order to provide a safety link between your home and school, for any child marked absent by the classroom teacher and for whom we have received no phone call or note delivered to the office by a sibling, the automated messaging system will try to contact you based on the information you have provided. Through SKYWARD Family Access, you can set up contact preferences. Please make sure the school always has your current numbers.