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2015 Rube Goldberg competition

Posted on by Leal Elementary

Once again, two teams made up of Leal 5th graders participated in the Rube Goldberg competition during University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s Engineering Open House.  This is the 6th time students from Leal have participated in the annual event.

Group one had a Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire theme, while the other group created a Doodle Jump themed machine.  Teacher Carol Smith  said both groups did an excellent job presenting their Rubes and talking about the work it took to create, as well as launching and promoting the machines.  Local engineers once again volunteered for the project and worked with the students to help design and create the Rubes.  The students who created the Harry Potter themed-Rube used a 3D printer at the UIUC FabLab to create a 3D Hedwig the owl.  This unique item was used as the launch mechanism for their machine. The Harry Potter Rube advanced to the second round of competition.

Once the students presented and launched their Rubes, the groups were able to tour the different venues of Engineering Open House.

Congratulations to all the students participating in the competition!

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