AP Prep Precalculus / Trig Summer Homework


The following summer homework is due on the first day school in the fall. You will be tested on this material at the end of the first week of school. The problems are found on this packet. Show all work clearly.


3-4  #4,7,8,12,14,15,21,22,23


4-7  #9-25 odd


4-9  #11-20 all


5-7  #4-13 all


5-9  #7-16 all


6-5  #8-17  all


7-1  #7-16 all


7-2  #9-18 all


7-4  #4-9 all


10-1 #1 - 25 odd


11-4  #1-13 odd


Refer to the examples included within the packet for help.  You may also use Ch P in the Precalculus book (see links below) for help with the review problems.



The following are links to review chapters in the textbook and are provided as a reference.
(No problems are assigned from these sections.)


Graphical Representations of Data: P.1


Graphs of Equations: P.2


Lines in a Plane: P.3


Solving Equations Algebraically and Graphically: P.4

Solving Inequalities Algebraically and Graphically: P.5

If you have questions contact

Mr. Kennedy or Ms. Smith