Urbana School District


Information for Staff

The District hires the most qualified personnel consistent with budget and staffing requirements and in compliance with School Board policy on equal employment opportunity and minority recruitment. With an average of 14 years of teaching experience, 53% of Urbana School District teachers hold a Master’s degree or above.

Safety Information for Staff

Lifting Properly: Packing School Supplies for Summer Break (pdf)

Climbing and Reaching Safely While Packing for Summer Break (pdf)

Risk Reminder: Safe Winter Walking (pdf)

Staff Documents and Salary Schedules

Hourly rates for HS, 30 HRS, ASSOC, and BACH columns include a 4.5% contribution to IMRF eligible employees, who work at least 600 hours per year.  For ESP’s that work less than 600 hours per year, total hourly compensation will be 4.5% less than the published rates on the schedule

Staff Documents and Salary Schedules

Request for Release of Personnel Documents and/or Previous Employment Verification (pdf)

Collective Bargaining Agreement (pdf)
Agreement between Urbana Education Association (Certified), IEA-NEA and Urbana School District #116 Board of Education 2012-2015

Administrators’ Salaries.


Urbana School District 116
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