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Registration Information / Informacion de Registro

Basic Registration Information (pdf printable format)

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Centralized Registration Dates for 2014-15

Dates and times for Urbana School District Centralized Registration for the 2014-15 school year are as follows:

Registration AFTER the centralized dates will take place at students’ school of record.  Please keep in mind that students who do not register on time may have complications with busing and scheduling to start the school year.  Only the custodial parent(s)/guardian(s) may register a student for school, and the student’s presence is not required.

If you are enrolling your child in kindergarten, please visit the Incoming Kindergarten Parents and Families page to learn more about Kindergarten Connection event on April 8, 2014.

Enrollment Requirements

The following are requirements for enrolling your child for the first time in Urbana School District #116, for a child who is returning after being out of the district or for a child transferring from another school district. To save time and to speed the enrollment, you may print and complete required forms from this page. More information about enrollment requirements»

General Information:

Medical Information:

Consent Forms:

Proof of Residency Requirements

Any adult who registers a child in the Urbana School District must provide:

  1. Photo ID (ONE of the following is acceptable):
    • Driver’s license
    • State ID card
    • Passport
    • Other Photo ID
  2. Proof of occupation of a residence in USD #116 Residency is defined as the location where the family spends at least four nights per week.  Documentation shall include ONE of the following:
    • For homeowners: a copy of the deed, closing documents, or other mortgage documentation which shows the parent/guardian’s name and address.
    • For renters: A copy of a properly executed lease agreement with the parent/guardian’s name listed as the renter, as well as a signature page including the name, address, and telephone number of the landlord for verification purposes.
    • For those living with a person who rents or owns a residence: The documentation listed above must be provided concerning the person who resides in District 116 and with whom the parent/guardian lives.
    • For those who intend to move into the District: These circumstances are clearly defined by law and the information may be obtained by calling the office of Don Owen, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, at 217-384-3651.
    • If none of the above apply, then TWO of the following must be provided:
      • Telephone company verification (cellular phones are not acceptable)
      • Recent utility bill
      • Public aid/Medical card, medical bills
      • Voter registration card
      • Current homeowner’s insurance or renter’s insurance policy statement
      • Auto registration
      • Federal or state income tax return (financial information may be removed)

Guardianship Standards

Students are expected to attend the school in the school district in which their parents reside. If the child enrolled in the Urbana School District does not live with his/her parents, then guardians must provide legal documentation of their guardian status.

Student Status


For Urbana Early Childhood School, all Elementary Schools, UMS and UHS there is a $100 book / registration fee. Save time at fall registration by paying this fee online at the District’s Web Store. You MUST print and bring your Web Store receipt to fall registration. Use your child’s student ID number, which is found on his/her ID badge (for UMS and UHS students) and report card (for elementary students), to pay online.

For more information

If after reading this information you have questions, please feel free to call Jennifer Ivory-Tatum, Deputy Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, at 217-384-3651, or you may call the principal’s office of the school your child will attend.

Office numbers are as follows:

Petitioning Procedures

As stated in the Urbana School District #116 Board of Education Policy, parents may request an assignment to an attendance center outside their residential area by making a written request to Jennifer Ivory-Tatum, Deputy Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction. For further information on these procedures, please contact 217-384-3651.

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