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Prairie Elementary School Collects Peanut Butter for Haiti Earthquake Relief

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The students at Prairie Elementary School are doing their part to help the victims of the earthquake in Haiti by donating jars of peanut butter to relief efforts.  The drive continues this week and First Christian Church will pack up the peanut butter jars this Friday.
Nechele Johnson, Inclusion Facilitator at Prairie Elementary, came up with the idea for students to donate Prairie Peanut Butter Donation Tablenew and unused jars of peanut butter.  “Here at Prairie School we’ve gotten so much from the community,” Johnson says.  She continues, “We just decided that…we would take some time to give back.”  The school is studying George Washington Carver for Black History Month.  George Washington Carver was a scientist who conducted ground breaking peanut research.
Johnson was hoping that the school would donate 100 jars.  As of last week, Prairie Elementary School Students had donated 163 jars of peanut butter.  “The kids like to see the display and watch it grow,” Johnson comments.  “It shocked me.  My expectation (about now many jars would be donated) were low.  This makes me proud.”
Prairie Principal, Yavonnda Smith, says she’s “overwhelmed” with how the students have stepped up and donated.  She adds, “The kids are really looking within themselves to see how they can help and this is one thing that they can really and truly help with.”

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