Welcome to the Urbana Elementary
Fine Arts Program

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The Urbana School District Elementary Fine Arts program has enriched the lives of students by exposing them to a new and diversified world of the arts. As an essential component of a balanced education, the Arts stimulate learning in all content areas and increase overall academic performance. In addition to giving students the opportunity to use and develop their creative potential, the program teaches self-esteem, teamwork and problem-solving skills.

The Elementary Fine Arts program is comprised of teachers who are specially trained in their area of expertise. These specialists share the responsibility of carrying out the state-inded goals for Arts Education. The comprehensive and sequential curriculum builds upon the skills and concepts gained in the previous year to develop the self-discipline needed to excell in all academic areas.

Visit the Gallery and Staff pages to see more of what students and teachers have been working on in their Fine Art classes.

Elementary Fine Arts in Action