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September 2010
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Wiley Students Learn African Rhythms


This semester, Wiley is proud to welcome Moussa Bolokada Conde, Visiting Lecturer in the Center for World Music at the University of Illinois. He is master drummer, expert of Malinke rhythms, and one of world’s best djembe players. He has traveled and performed in major performance venues all over the world since 1996 and was featured in the IMAX movie PULSE: a Stomp Odyssey. Since 2004, he has been performing and teaching in the United States. Moussa Bolokada Conde will be working closely with 5th grade students to teach them about drumming and Malinke rhythms.

Wiley 5th graders received a special treat last Friday and got to try their hand at playing a few different rhythms on the drums. Over the rest of the semester, Moussa Bolokada Conde will return on Fridays to continue to teach the students more about the art of Malinke rhythms. The 5th graders will then have the opportunity to share what they have learned from Moussa Bolokada Conde with the rest of the school. Other grades will be learning about African art and culture through lessons on African masks and music.





The Wiley-African Span for International Studies (WAS:IS), is a program designed to promote mutual respect and understanding of African art and culture through education. The series works in conjunction with Urbana’s Sister City grant program to give students a chance to make a real-world connection with the African community of Zomba, Malawi. The city of Urbana will work with their sister city Zomba, Malawi, Africa, on a project relating to improving the conditions of water, health, and sanitation in the Zomba urban area.



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