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September 2010
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All-School Assembly at Prairie Promotes Positive Behavior

Prairie kicked off the school year with an all-school assembly that focused on Positive Behavior and Bully Prevention. The theme for the assembly was “I Gotta Feeling That This Year’s Gonna Be A Great Year!” The teachers worked very hard all week preparing skits and even wrote a song to reinforce positive behavior in school and respecting others.

Teachers sing along with students

In the skits, students saw different bullying scenarios, and were shown the correct way to handle each situation. They learned how to help others and include everyone. Students were also taught the difference between ‘reporting’ and ‘tattling’, and the importance of reporting bullying incident to a teacher or trusted adult.

Prairie school has a No Bullying policy that the faculty and staff reinforce by promoting respect for others. Students were very involved throughout the assembly and were excited to learn how they can make this year a great school year at Prairie!

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