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June 2010
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High School Students Beautify School Grounds

Several Urbana High School students have been taking part in a big project to beautify school grounds. For the past few years, agriculture students at UHS have been working on a plot of land at the corner of Iowa and Race Streets. The project is to try and get as many prairie plants and grasses planted on that plot as possible as well as add some color and beauty to the green space.

UHS garden
UHS Students have spent the last two years constructing a garden at the corner of Race and Iowa Streets.

Agriculture teacher, Mike Martin, says the environmental sciences and advanced construction classes have been working on the ground. "Environmental sciences did the planting and advanced construction did the landscaping block work. This year is year two of the garden so there are two (more) areas under planting right now," Martin adds.

The students have really taken ownership of the project. "When the temperature reaches 90-degrees they get a little grumpy like their teacher. But for the most part they like it. They get to be outside and work with their hands and do something different," Martin comments. What does he hope the students get out of project? Martin responds, "Besides the basic facts of how to plant, I hope they learn that working outside can be fun, relaxing, a little theraputic, and get them used to being outside. A lot of these kids don't have much of an opportunity to go outside and do work."

If you happen to be driving past UHS, be sure to check out the garden plot at the corner or Race and Iowa Streets!

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