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UMS Principal Ready for Retirement

After 37 years in education and eight years as principal in Urbana, Nancy Clinton will retire as principal of Urbana Middle School, effective July 1. Scott Woods, Principal at Herget Middle School, will become the principal. Prior to coming to Urbana, Clinton was a principal in Unit 4 schools and served as an educator in Illinois and Arizona.

Nancy Clinton
Nancy Clinton will retire as UMS Principal on July 1

Clinton is proud of the past eight years she has been principal at UMS. She comments,

"I would probably have to mention three things. The first is a program we started 6 years ago, Summer Math Achievement. It gives minority students the opportunity to attend three intense weeks of mathematics in the summer. By doing this, it greatly increases the chances of a student enrolling in the upper level math course at their grade level in the fall. We have been very successful with this program. Our minority student enrollment in upper level math classes has increased from 3% to 27%. This enables students to get on the right track to get into college and achieve success.

The second accomplishment of note is the infusion of Content Area Literacy. All core subject area teachers are teaching students reading and writing through their specific curricular area of expertise. The long term efforts towards the improvement in Reading education have paid off significantly over the past 8 years. Teachers have learned and grown through this approach and students have truly benefited.

And, lastly, the improvement in test scores at Urbana Middle School has been unbelievable. I am so very proud of our staff and so very honored to have led that effort."

Why retire now? "It just feels right. My boys are both out of college and have successful careers and are most clearly on their own. I have had the opportunity to work and educate children in the Champaign-Urbana area, as well as Charleston, Arthur, Phoenix and Tucson. I have accomplished my goals for Urbana Middle School and it's time to hand the reins to a new leader. My career has come full circle and feels complete," Clinton explains.

Clinton is happy of the community-building efforts at UMS over the years, adding, "Over the past eight years, we have become a family at UMS.  I have enjoyed all of our accomplishments, but the most heart-warming memories will be all about the people I have grown to know so well." She also says that the future for UMS is bright. "Urbana Middle School is a thriving educational setting that is moving forward at an exciting rate. The potential of this teaching community is limitless and it will be fun to watch it continue to grow."

So, what's next for Nancy Clinton? "First on the agenda will be to go to the Jersey Shore and sit on the beach for the month of July. I need to learn how to relax and slow down. From there, it's back to Champaign to do some landscaping and re-decorating of my home. When I get tired of that, I will begin to work on some traveling, perhaps back to Italy. And, finally, I may miss education a bit so I might be found in a school building in our area.....but NOT full time! I definitely want to get up when I feel like it and read the newspaper with my cup of coffee at my leisure," she says.

As she enters her last weeks of being UMS principal, Clinton is full of gratitude to all the people she's worked with, adding, "It's been a great ride!"

Congratulations and thank-you, Nancy Clinton!

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