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Dr. Owen, Superintendent of Urbana School District #116 and his Tiger Staff are looking to answer your questions about Urbana Schools, education in general, blogging as the superintendent, and the weather! Ask your question here! Answers will be posted below.  If you have a questions that needs an individual response, please include your name and contact information (phone and/or email).  Names and contact information will not be published with the questions on the web site.


Skyward is very user friendly, however; is not updated on a frequent basis. For example, assigned homework, tests, quizzes, etc are not updated by the teachers on a regular basis. Putting the assignments in the grade book with total points possible and not graded causes the grades to reflect as the assignment wasn’t submitted and giving parents the assumption their child has a lower grade, in which, the assignment wasn’t graded yet. Will Skyward be improved? 19. August 2015

A:  Thank you for your question.  Skyward contains a live version of a teachers grade book, and is used in this manner by teachers at UMS and UHS.  Parent access to the grade book enables you to see the most up-to-date version of the teacher’s grade book for your student. It is important for families to know that final grades are not issued until the end of the grading term (or end of the quarter at UMS). If the Skyward grade has not been updated in a reasonable amount of time from when something was turned in, please contact the teacher.  If still not resolved, please contact the building principal.

Why do UMS students under the age of 13 get access to YouTube? 4. August 2015

Q:  Why do UMS students under the age of 13 get access to YouTube?
A:  Thanks for your question! While you are correct that UMS students with parental permission have access to Google Apps for Education, the YouTube the students have access to is not Our teachers have professional development geared towards using GAFE in an age/class year appropriate manner.  This is part of the students’ digital citizenship education. We also have a strict content filter in place.

We will be out of town during Centralized Registration this year. How do our students register? 14. July 2015

Q: We will be out of town during Centralized Registration this year.  How do our students register?

A: Thank you for your questions. Please send an email to the principal(s) of your child(ren)’s schools letting them know you will be missing Centralized Registration.  They will let you know when the school office will be available (after Centralized Registration) for you to come in and complete the registration information.

8/3/2015 – Update: UHS and UMS offices will be open as of Tuesday, August 4 to register students who missed Centralized Registration.  All USD116 Elementary school offices are open as of Monday, August 3, 9:00am to register new or continuing students with the exception of Dr. Preston L. Williams Jr.  Please check with your student’s specific school for office hours.  Dr. Williams elementary will be open on Tuesday, August 4.

All registration requirements apply when registering at the school – including payment of registration fees, required health or dental forms (as applicable), and proof of residency.  More info can be found on our Registration page.

I do not see registration fee information listed on the Registration Information handout or on the website. 13. July 2015

Q: I do not see registration fee information listed on the Registration Information handout or on the website. I must know about how much I would need to bring to re-register a high school student.

A: Thank you for your question.  All Urbana students (elementary, middle, and high school) have a $100 registration fee that is payable during Centralized Registration (July 28, 29, & 30).  This is payable by cash, personal check, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover). There is a process at Centralized Registration for families who request reduced or waived fees.  Those families will complete a Household Income form at that time to see if they qualify for reduced fees.

My incoming Kindergartener can’t get in for a physical until September, so I won’t have the physical form needed at Registration. Is this a problem? 16. June 2015

A:  Thanks for your question.  There are two answers to your question.  If your student attended Urbana Early Childhood, there is not a grace period and the completed physical form will need to be turned in by the first day of school.  If your student is new to the district or never attended a USD116 school before, there is a 30 day grace period (from the first day of school or their first day of attendance) to turn in the physical.  Urbana School-based Health Clinic does have expanded hours this summer for students (current or new) who need entrance physicals.  More information can be found at:

Hope this answers your questions!  If you need additional information, please call our office at 384-3600.

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