Reform, Reformers, and Reformatories
Summer Institute

July 27-31 , 2009
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Fantastic resource- includes images (pictures, maps) embedded w/in articles. All images are expandable w/ zoom. These links go to articles on Jails and Prisons and Crime and Chicago’s Image, but there is a lot more to be learned from this site.


Downloadable curriculum materials and lesson plans for grades 1-12, hosted by the AHTC partner, the Chicago History Museum. Includes reproductions of artifacts, historical fiction narratives inspired by the museum’s holdings, and units on Chicago’s World Fair, Catholic Chicago and Progressivism, Hull House and Immigration.

A project run by an Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at UIC, this website explores gangs throughout Chicago’s history, looking at how immigration and racism have impacted gang life. Includes articles and images.

Gilder Lehrman’s curriculum modules on Antebellum reform and the Progressive movement. Includes primary sources, visual aids and great resources, which are useful even if you are not interested in using the lesson plan.

This website hosted by the National Archives provides excellent background information about the Progressive movement and the election of 1812, as well as a lesson plan using a collection of political cartoons to teach about the election.

Curriculum units on Antebellum reform and the Progressive movement. Includes timelines, themes, and primary source collections.


A website about Hull House and the settlement house movement, The Urban Experience website includes a few major sections: Introduction, Historical Narrative, Timeline, Images, Geography, Teachers' Resources.The site provides background information on the history of the project as well as twelve major chapters and numerous subsections about the history of Hull House. These subsections contain lists of historical documents (including letters, newspaper and magazine articles, memoirs, unpublished manuscripts). Also listed in the subsections are galleries of images and essays written by historians specifically for this website.

A good introduction to the general history of Progressivism, the real strength of this website is the collection of links at the bottom of the page, which provide a wealth of resources.

A collection of photographs and collages from Joliet prison taken by prisoners during the early 1900s.


Scholastic’s Student Activities page provides some good ways for younger students  to place Immigration in the broader context of the twentieth century.

A collection of links about the Progressive reformers, muckrakers and the social gospel movement. Some of the links are outdated, but the website contains enough resources that it is worth a look.

Resources on Asylum Reform (collected and annotated by K. Klebbe) Companion website to book The Lives They Left Behind Not an official website of Danvers State Insane Asylum in Massachusetts, but does have beautiful pictures of complex before partial demolition/renovation in 2006 and some history. Also has a nice map of grounds. Megan Bland has done an exceptional job chronicaling Manteno State Hospital, which at its peak had over 8,000 patients. Great job of accummulating primary sources relating to the hospital. Amazing website by Tom Kirsch documenting abandoned asylums (mostly New England, many international, and Manteno State Hospital) with fantastic photography before they disappear, A wealth of info related to all things Kirkbride (asylum pioneer); good pictures of Kirkbride-inspired asylums and links to everything imaginable Another non-academic asylum fetish site; state asylum postcard collection (including Illinois State Hospitals), good set of links to asylum museums and websites and others' websites of asylum photography, pics of Kankakee hospital Archival postcards, photos, brief histories, and links to historic state asylums Six month diary of Mary Huestis Pengilly during her confinement to a "provincial lunatic asylum" in Massachusetts during late 1870s. "Rules & Regulations of the Insane Asylum of California, prescribed by the resident physician, August 1, 1861" History, description and statistics of the Bloomingdale (NY) asylum for the insane (1848) "Brief History of the Charitable Institutions of the State of Ilinois," compiled for the World's Fair (1893); covers state mental hospitals at Jacksonville, Anna, Kankakee, Anna, Elgin as well as other orphans' homes, etc… "Annual report of the State Board of Commissioners for the Insane of the state of Montana (1892)"; good charts & info on occupations, diagnosis, lengths of stay of patients "Annual report of the trustees, architect and treasurer of the Northern Hospital and Asylum for the Insane, Elgin, Illinois (1871)"; good description and chart-o-rific
Carol Inskeep's Book List on Reformers
Carol Inskeep's Book List on Woman's Suffrage