AHTC Focus Workshop

November 18, 2006

Web Resources for The History of American Journalism







History of Newspaper Publishing in Illinois


A brief description of the history of newspaper publishing in Illinois from the early 1800s to the present. 





History of the News-Gazette

The News-Gazette has been around for over 150 years.  This site gives a brief description of the origins of the local paper and how it changed over time.





A Brief History of Newspapers

This site includes a description of the history of newspapers dating back as far as the 1400s.  It also includes a list of books for further reading and links to other Internet journalism resources.




The Valley of the Shadow:  Two Communities in the American Civil War

This is an archive of primary sources that documents two counties during the Civil War era.  Explore thousands of digitized documents including newspapers from the time. (They do have a warning about offensive language, so please preview before letting students surf!)

















The history of American newspapers and journalism.  Includes lists and links for 18th and 19th century print journalists as well as 20th century broadcast journalists.  (See the links to the left for William Randolph Hearst, Walter Cronkite, Ida M. Tarbell, and Ida B. Wells.)



The Hearst Corporation


Here you can find a Hearst timeline that dates back to the late 1800s and links to Hearst’s newspapers, magazines, and more.



The Write Site

Links to various types of journalism information.  Includes a journalism timeline and short biographies of famous print and photojournalists.





Washington Press Club Foundation:  Women in Journalism

This is a collection of oral history interviews with women journalists who have made significant contributions to the field since the 1920s.  Accounts describe topics such as sexual discrimination, changes in technology, and changing attitudes towards the news with the inclusion of more women journalists.





Library of Congress:  Women Come to the Front






“The Stars and Stripes” in the American Memory Collection


A list of 8 women journalists, photographers, and broadcasters during WWII.  Find biographies of these women as well as links to pictures and samples of their work.  Click on the link, “War, Women, and Opportunity” for a description of women in journalism since the 1700s.


This second Library of Congress link takes you to an online exhibit of The Stars and Stripes, a U.S. Army publication during WWI in France.  Find digitized copies of articles in that paper from 1918-1919.




The Robert C. Maynard Institute for Journalism Education


This project is beginning to document stories of African American journalists during the 1960s and 1970s. 




The Media History Project Connections Pages

“Promoting the study of media history from petroglyphs to pixels” - Links take you to information about early scribal cultures, early print media, photography, advertising, and comics.  














History Buff.com – Where American History Begins




History Buff is a non-profit organization that provides free primary source materials to students and teachers.  Find online newspaper archives, interactive quizzes, and online exhibits.


John Peter Zenger, the printer of the New York Weekly Journal, was arrested for seditious libel in 1734.  (He had printed a number of articles criticizing the governor of New York.)  This site gives a brief background on the trial and issues surrounding the accusation of libel. 


Five journalism-related hoaxes, including “The Day They Almost Sawed Off Manhattan.”  Look at the links on the left-hand side of the page as well to find online newspaper archives that date back to the 1700s.




Famous American Trials – John Peter Zenger



Great website for famous trials – find the chronology of the John Peter Zenger case, issues from the New York Weekly Journal, biographies of the key figures, and the text of the “Burning Order” issued by Governor Crosby.



Columbia Journalism Review



“Copyright Jungle” - Interesting facts and opinions on the history of copyright and what problems the Internet poses.





Turner Network Television

A short description of the role of “Yellow Journalism” during the Spanish American War.  (Part of a website dedicated to advertising the TNT mini-series “Rough Riders”)





Newseum:  The Interactive Museum of News

“The world’s first interactive museum of news” - Great site for adults or your students.  You’ll find online exhibits of journalism’s role in the Holocaust, D-Day, September 11, and much more.  Click on “Newseum Education” for teaching resources.





WILL:  The Broadcasting Service of the University of Illinois


“Legal Issues in the News with Amy Gajda” – Professor Gajda’s Monday morning series has won seven AP awards for best editorial commentary.    Scroll down to find the archived shows going back to the year 2000.



The University of Texas Online Exhibition

Woodward and Bernstein Watergate Papers – find original documents from the biggest story in American politics.  There are notes from interviews, memos, and Washington Post stories.



The Museum of Broadcast Communications

Great site that includes links to their “Radio Hall of Fame,” a “DocuFest” with documentaries and lesson plans, and a “Flashback” link.  As well, you can watch clips from their archives.



National Public Radio – Walter Cronkite

Find his latest essay, which recalls the 1964 slaying of three civil rights workers in Mississippi.  Many links to his previous essays are here as well.






Public Broadcasting Service


The “American Masters” series on PBS examines the lives and works of the country’s outstanding “cultural artists.”   The Walter Cronkite pages show a timeline of his life and career, feature essays, and video clips.  There is also a link for teachers to find resources.


This PBS “American Experience” video allows you and your students to follow Nellie Bly on her journey around the world in 72 days.  This website has excerpts from her book, a map detailing her trip, and a teacher’s guide.



The First Amendment Center Online


This center works to protect First Amendment freedoms through educating the public.  There are a number of links on the right side of the page, including daily First Amendment news, a link to related Supreme Court cases, and lesson plans for teachers.



Texas Association of Journalism Educators



These are downloadable PowerPoint presentations for use in journalism classes or developing your own background knowledge.  Topics include the First Amendment, Journalism History, News Basics, and Photojournalism.