The History of Illinois : A Focus Workshop
September 25 , 2010

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Chicago History Museum

The Chicago History Museum has a good collection of classroom resources including curriculum for grades 1 through 12, which includes both online and downloadable activities and lesson plans that cover a variety of topics.

Encyclopedia of Chicago

"The Encyclopedia of Chicago is a dynamic and unprecedented metropolitan history. Thousands of historical resources - including articles, photos, maps, broadsides and newspapers - related to Chicago's colorful and complex history are at your fingertips."

Lewis and Clark

An excellent overview of Lewis and Clark's journey, this site provides historical context for the journey itself, information about all of the members of the party, and journal excerpts.

Lewis and Clark sites in Illinois

This website contains a list of hte sites in Illinois that hold historical significance in relation to the Lewis and Clark journey.

The Illinois History Resource Page

A comprehensive list of links to websites about Illinois history, this website has not been updated since February of 2009, so a few links are no longer working. Most are still accurate and this site is a great place to find out about specific topics such as the history of the Illinois Central Railroad or the history of barbed wire in Illinois.

Firsthand Account of the Cherry Hill Mine Disaster

The Cherry Hill Mine disaster of November 13th, 1909, was one of the most awful calamities in the history of American mining, nearly three hundred men losing their lives. This essay from the World Magazine in October of 1911 is the firsthand narrative of a miner who, with nineteen others, was trapped in the mine for eight days before being rescued.

Illinois Indian Tribes

This website links to many resources for researching the history or present day locations of the tribes that used to inhabit the land that is now Illinois.

Illinois Labor History

This curriculum addresses labor politics and economics from the colonial period to the present day and is divided into 11 chronological sections, each comprised of several elements: a 100-200 word overview; an inventory of major themes, episodes, and concepts; and a feature entitled "Integrating Labor History into Effective Teaching of the Period." Some sections of the curriculum are thinner than others and the site does not furnish any primary documenets from the 20th century, but it is a great place to star when looking for ideas to bring labor history into the classroom.

The Springfield Race Riot of 1908

An excellent website which breaks down the Springfield riot by timeline, this website also contains many images of the riot.

History of Illinois River

Although difficult to navigate, this website contains excellent histories of the uses of the Illinois River and the effects of the river on the communities. Complete with pictures and interviews with local residents the website also contains five lesson plans designed to facilitate use of the resources in the classroom.

Illinois in the Gilded Age

"During the Gilded Age, Americans faced enormous social and economic upheaval. No place embodied this struggle more than Illinois. Illinois During the Gilded Age presents primary source materials which shed light on major themes in this period's society, politics, and culture."

Lincoln: Historians' lectures and essays on Lincoln

The Gilder-Lehrman institute has collected lectures and essays by historians on Lincoln and his life.

At Home in the Heartland

"At Home in the Heartland Online provides an interactive experience based on objects, stories, and activities relating to the people who have settled in the nation's heartland over the last 300 years. Highlights include integration of school-based curricula with original, interactive, virtual field trips to the Illinois State Museum and age-appropriate activities that enable students to understand why people make the choices they do and how these choices affect their own lives and the lives of others in their community."

Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum

A collection of lesson plans and other resources from the Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum. Click on "Teacher Resources" on the left.

Illinois Maps ...,-52#

Maps from today's activity

Maps of Illinois

"The...Historical Maps Online project [contains] maps charting the last 400 years of historical development in Illinois and the Northwest Territory. Designed to appeal both to map aficionados and to educational institutions, the project aims to provide a broad spectrum of content, from expert scholarship of mapmakers and mapmaking to general knowledge about cartography and history."

Illinois State Highway Maps

Maps of the Illinois State Highway system show its evolution

Federal Township Plats of Illinois (1804-1891)

Champaign County Township Maps:
Compromise (part)
East Bend
Ogden (part)
South Homer
St. Joseph

The Illinois State Library has digitized 3,457 federal township plats of Illinois. All of the Champaign County maps are in .jpg form.