Memphis: Music, the Mississippi, and Marching for Freedom
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June 18, 2010
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Memphis Trip Sites

Mud Island State Park

Official website for the state park. Provides valuable information about the activities that take place in the park and also about the park itself.

Mississippi River Museum

Official museum website with links to informative sites about the various displays and exhibits housed in the museum.

Mississippi River Corridor

History of Mississippi River in Tennessee. Features not only historical timeline but also cultural impacts.

The Cotton Exchange Museum

Official museum website. Contains links to events occurring at the museum, the history of the museum, and information about displays and exhibits.

Cotton Exchange Museum Archives

History of the cotton exchange in Memphis with links to historical documents concerning the exchange.

Stax Museum of American Soul Music

Official website of the Stax Museum. Provides information about the museum and its involvement in the music scene in Memphis today.

Sun Studio

Official website of Sun Studio where Elvis, Johnny Cash, and many others established themselves as popular musicians. Contains links to the studio’s history and a blog about its activity today.

National Civil Rights Museum

Official website of the National Civil Rights Museum located at the Lorraine Motel where MLK Jr. was assassinated. The page contains links to the history of the museum and activities that it is involved in today.

National Civil Rights Museum

Teacher resources for teaching civil rights. Contains information about e-Learning activities and a curriculum guide.


Official Graceland website, provides information about the mansion that belonged to Elvis

Elvis Presley

Official Elvis Presley website. Features a history of the Graceland estate up until today.
  Memphis History and Information

Tennessee Encyclopedia of History and Culture

Comprehensive history of the Memphis Race Riot of 1866.

Tennessee Encyclopedia of History and Culture

History of music in Memphis with a focus on rock and roll and the blues. Details the rise of famous musicians and how they affected the music scene in Memphis

National Archives and Records Administration

Letter written by Elvis to President Nixon

National Archives and Records Administration

Information about MLK Jr. and the Memphis Sanitation Workers’ Strike. Links to court documents related to the strike and other resources to be used when teaching this specific event in history.

Civil War Song

Lyrics to a civil war song titled “Burn the Cotton.”

Beale Street Development

Contains information about the rich musical history of Beale Street and its current standing as a musical Mecca.

Associated Content - Travel

Features a comprehensive history of Beale Street and its part in playing home to the blues.

Memphis Travel site

A brief history of Memphis, from the Native American Settlements to today’s developments. Links to other subject about Memphis are also available.

City of Memphis

Official Memphis website contains a brief history of Memphis with a focus on the various Civil Right’s struggles that occurred over the years.

Tennessee History for Kids: Memphis

Kid-friendly history of Memphis with pictures of significant historical events.

Register of Historic Locations

List of historic locations in Memphis that may be of interest.

Library of Congress

Newspaper article from the Cleveland Gazette featuring a story about a young African American woman who was told move off a bench in a park in Memphis.

Crossroads to Freedom

Digital archive of articles concerning civil rights issues in Memphis. Most articles are from 1950 on.


Copy of the “I’ve been to the mountaintop” speech by MLK Jr.


Chronology of the Memphis Sanitation Workers’ Strike. Includes a link to footage from the actual event.

National Public Radio

Interview with Taylor Rogers, one of the men present at the Sanitation Workers Strike.

The Commercial Appeal

Memphis newspaper website. Contains links to articles from 1968 concerning MLK Jr. and the sanitation workers.


Picture of Memphis and Mississippi River from 1906