John F. Kennedy Web Resources
Focus Workshop
September 29, 2007
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PBS – American Experience

Spend some time on this site!  Developed to accompany the film The Kennedys, this site has the program transcript, primary sources, and a list for further reading.  The “Special Features” section offers historians’ views on Kennedy.  There is also a Teacher’s Guide for lessons in history, economics, civics, and geography.


A transcription of a WILL-TV interview describing how sick Kennedy really was, with a disease called Addison's Disease.  This is a chronic illness of the adrenal glands, requiring steroids for years.  The youngest President of the US was probably in pain most days of his adult life.

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum

This site is a great resource for teachers.  You and your students can click on “Virtual Museum Tour” to find video clips and 360 degree views of the actual museum.  Under “Reference Desk” you’ll find a variety of historical resources, including speeches of John, Robert, and Edward Kennedy, publications, and a picture gallery.


Same site as the one above, but this is a very thorough biography of Kennedy with images you can enlarge.  (Students might like to look at Kennedy’s school report card!)

The White House


From the official White House website, this page gives a good background on Kennedy for students doing research.
Same site as the one above, but more appropriate for elementary students – a very brief background.

The White House

The White House’s biography of Jackie Kennedy

Time for Kids


Probably best for elementary students.  You’ll find some “fun facts” about the 35th President, students can quiz themselves on Kennedy, and there is a downloadable teacher’s guide.

Library of Congress


This site gives some background into the Cuban Missile Crisis, as well as links to primary documents.
The American Presidency Project

This site, maintained by the University of California, Santa Barbara, contains 75,795 documents related to the study of the Presidency. Click on "documents" to find messages, papers, radio addresses, and more from presidents all the way back to Washington.

Arlington National Cemetery

The Arlington site includes background on Kennedy, the inscription on his gravesite, pictures, and stories describing the funeral.

American Rhetoric


Kennedy’s Cuban Missile Crisis address to the nation.  This is a great one for you and your students to listen to as you follow along with the transcription.

Library of Congress


Search all collections for John F Kennedy, and you'll find photos and documents (including a letter from Jack Ruby to his lawyer) for you and your class to examine.

The History Channel


The History Channel's American Presidents site.  Click on the picture of Kennedy to find a timeline, biography, image gallery and a very comprehensive video gallery.  Great documentary clips for you and your students.