American Indian Tribes of the Southeast
April 9 , 2011

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Cherokee Nation

The official website of the Cherokee Nation contains links to detailed articles on history and culture, as well as activities for children and an extensive bibliography

Canku Ota

Canku Ota, an online newsletter celebrating Native American culture, is rich in resources. The page that you are linked to is devoted to history, but exploring the website leads you to resources about modern art and traditional culture.

Seminole Tribe of Florida

The official website of the Seminole Nation of Florida contains an in-depth look at their tribal history and a great bibliography.

UNC American Indian Center

The American Indian Center at the University of North Carolina has collected a wonderful set of resources about teaching Native American Culture.

Learn NC

This page has an extensive collection of lesson plans, student readings, and links on best practices. A great place to start planning.

The following websites were selected and annotated by Dr. Christina Snyder:

Indian Country Today


The nation's largest Indian-run newspaper

National Museum of the American Indian

Educational resources available

Oklahoma State University

Treaties compiled and editied by Charles Kappler, including hundreds of full-text treaties, organized by tribe

University of Washington Library

Digital edition of McKenney and Hall's famous book of Indian portraits (early to mid 19th century)

Brown University

Early American Image Collection - includes Native images - from the John Carter Brown Library

University of North Carolina Library

Theodore de Bry engravings based on John White's 1580s drawings from Roanoke Colony

Indiana University Glenn Black Laboratory of Archaeology

The Ohio Valley-Great Lakes Ethnohistory Archive: The Miami Collection, 1600-1778

Western Carolina University

The Cherokee Phoenix, 1828-1831 - a collection that Western Carolina University is in the process of digitizing