Making Waves: A History of Feminism
in the United States
March 1st, 2014

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“EDSITEment offers a treasure trove for teachers, students, and parents searching for high-quality material on the Internet in the subject areas of literature and language arts, foreign languages, art and culture, and history and social studies.”

The link to the left is for the lesson, "Voting Rights for Women: Pro- and Anti-Suffrage", which is geared for older grade levels. There are many links to primary sources for the lesson as well as even more in the "extending the lesson" section. Check this site out!


Everyday Sexism


A place for women to tell their stories of encountering whatever way it may have been. This site aims to prove wrong those people who say there is no room for women to complain about sexism any longer. Anyone can contribute their story.



This site contains news, advice, stories, connections to events and action plans, and more. This is a great site to point young feminists toward as they learn to act toward making a difference in the world.



Feminist Majority Foundation



"The Feminist Majority Foundation (FMF), which was founded in 1987, is a cutting edge organization dedicated to women's equality, reproductive health, and non-violence." This site has a number of links for resources, blogs, action groups and other "forums on the issues of women's equality and empowerment."

The following links found under "Research Center" are particularly rich, providing lists of more links and resources:

Feminist Magazines
FMF Publications
Women's History Collections
Teacher's Guide / Lessons


Girls in Government


Girls in Government is a nonpartisan, not-for-profit organization, that promotes, broadens, and cultivates civic engagement and leadership among girls of all ages.
 – Women’s History



This site is rich with lists of prominent women and events in history, providing background information, photos, speeches, and videos related to them.

This link focuses on Women’s History Month through a similar assortment of resources.



History, Art & Archives: US House of Representatives – Women in Congress


Current and historical information about women in the House of Representatives. The site includes profiles, photos, and essays of events. There is also a link to seven lesson plans:



The Weider History Group is a group of history magazines published in Virginia. They host and provide access to articles from their magazines, photo galleries, and other basic information. This link brings you to “Famous Women” featuring a number of links and links-within-links to everything from background information to small bios about famous women in history.




League of Women Voters of…


Champaign County

The League of Women Voters provides information to encourage all people to be informed voters. Each site contains links to current information as well as historical information for the HERstory of these local chapters.



Library of Congress



The Manuscript Division, "Women's History Items List", provides a number of primary documents (most with images) from many of Feminism's 'big names'. This collection is not overwhelming, and includes items such as personal letters, poems, and even an entire draft of Stanton's The Woman's Bible.

This is a primary source set that includes 20 images and one audio file that spans throughout the history of the US Feminism Movement. There is a link to a 'teacher's guide' which is not a lesson plan, but provides some ideas of how to apply these sources to the classroom and a very brief history.

The Library of Congress offers a lesson entitled “Women's Suffrage: Their Rights and Nothing Less” (grades 6-8; 9-12). The lesson includes numerous primary documents and has students looking at other societal events that may have influenced the shape of the Women’s Rights Movement in three time periods.




Ms. Magazine

"More than a Magazine - A Movement!" This site provides a number of articles from their current or past issues, a daily wire, a blog, paper or digital subscriptions to their magazine, and more.



The National Park Service


This is a lesson plan to accompany the (Suffrage-version) video "Bad Romance". The video alone is worth a watch!



The home site for the documentary MAKERS: Women Who Make America. Here you can view the entire documentary and get more information about the documentary and the movement itself. At the top of the page, click “For Educators” to access 'talking points', 'suggestions for using' the documentary, exercises for all education levels (k-college), a calendar with suggestions about good times to discuss certain parts of the film, and a few lessons using clips.

Other resources
"Women's Rights Activities: Then and Now: Activity Ideas" - some for students as young as grade 3

“Not for Ourselves Alone: the Story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony”. This is a film by Ken Burns and Paul Barns, but the site provides many avenues to be explored. The associated links are at the bottom of the page, including the one for ‘resources’, which is where teachers can find lessons and activities.




Great for Elementary and Middle School. Very detailed with different lesson links for grade 1-2, 3-, and 6-8. Standards from IRA, NCTE, NCSS, and Technology listed.
(The lesson plan for grades 1-2 suggests reading part of "Effie Hobby's Story" if possible, but does not include the link, so here it is: Effie Hobby's Story)
Also, the link for further Women’s Suffrage books and resources brings you to a page with links to outside sites with even more lesson plans, primary sources, and a cross-word puzzle.

This is a brief background information article geared toward middle and high school students.


TED Talks

A powerful fifteen year-old girl talks about creating a space for teenage girls to empower themselves though an online magazine.
Here are a couple other talk-topics relating to Feminism:



Teaching Tolerance

Teaching Tolerance is a project focused on providing resources to educators that will help to promote justice and equality. This particular lesson is on Women’s Suffrage, and geared toward middle and high school classrooms.


Third Wave Foundation

“The Third Wave centers youth most impacted by inequity as the architects for community and systematic change. We make investments that recognize the resilience and leadership of young women, transgender, and gender non-conforming youth. We support this work – at the intersection of race, gender, sexuality, disability, and class – because we believe in justice and equity for all. The empirical evidence of grassroots, community based organizing shows us that those who have navigated society while facing interlocking oppressions have the clearest map to freedom.”


Time For Kids

Time for Kids is a site devoted to news and information for kids in kindergarten through sixth grade. They feature mini-sites that are focused on one topic, and this is one for women's history month. There are current news stories, history-focused links, interviews, and photographs.