Children & Teenagers in U.S. History: A Focus Workshop
February 5, 2011

Web Resources

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Children & Youth in History

Though not limited to American history, this is the site where you will want to spend most of your time. Children & Youth in History is a world history resource that provides teachers and students with access to sources about young people from the past to the present. This site contains primary documents, website reviews, case studies and teaching modules. From the website reviews page, you can link to dozens of other websites about children in history.

Child Labor in America, Grades 6-8

Students critically examine, respond to and report on photographs as historical evidence. Focus on the work of reformer/photographer Lewis Hine's photographs of child labor.

Do history: Children in History

A smaller subsection of the larger Do History website, this page contains quotations from diaries and letters of children. Divided by subject, they reveal much about many aspects of U.S History.

Children of the Camps

This website is designed to accompany today’s documentary. It contains excellent supplementary materials like timelines, website lists, primary documents and a teaching guide. The site can be a little hard to navigate, but to access the teaching guide go to Resources and scroll down to the very bottom of the page for the link to the pdf.

The Invention of the Teenager

A quick overview from U.S of the rise of the teenager.

19th Century Children and What They Read

Touching directly on what Professor McDowell will discuss this afternoon, this site represents the voices of 19th century children in excerpts from diaries and scrapbooks as well as providing examples of books and magazines read by children.

The History of Education in America

With quick summaries and links to the primary sources, this website by Chesapeake College provides an excellent overiew of the history of education. The site lacks specifics, but woud be a good starting place.