Web Resources for Brown v. Board of Education

(Selected and annotated by the National Archives and Records Administration; included on the CD provided)

AHTC Focus Workshop
April 29, 2006





Remembering Jim Crow



Published by American Public Radio, created by Stephen Smith, Kate Ellis, and Sasha Aslanian.  APR is a division of Minnesota Public Radio and is funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.  A documentary history of racial segregation.  Contains several subsections, each of which has text, sideshow and audio clips. 


Brown v. Board of Education



Published by the National Park Service.  Created by Deborah Riley.  Contains information about the NPS national historic site in Topeka, current events and activities, educational publications, and historical information on the Supreme Court case.


From Plessy v. Ferguson to Brown v. Board of Education:  The Supreme Court Rules on Desegregation



Published by the Yale New Haven Teachers Institute, a cooperative program between Yale University and the New Haven public schools.  Compiled by Karen Wolff.  This is a 14-week lesson plan for a unit on the U.S. Supreme Court, desegregation, and the American legal system.


Landmark Cases, The Supreme Court – Brown v. Board of Education




Presented by Street Law and the Supreme Court Historical Society.  This section contains:  Background and summaries on three different reading levels, also.  Diagrams of how the cases moved through the court system, excerpts from the majority (and where appropriate) the dissenting opinions, and links to the full text of the Supreme CourtÕs decisions.



Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, 40 Years Later




In 1993 the Woodstock Theological Center sponsored a forum on the progress of African American education since Brown.  Discussants included:  Samuel Harvey, Jr., vice president for urban affairs at Georgetown University; Dr. Floretta Dukes McKenzie, former Superintendent of Schools in the  District of Columbia; and Roger Wilkins, Clarence J. Robinson Professor of History and American Culture at George Mason University.  The moderator Jim Vance, journalist and anchor for News 4, WRC-TV in Washington, DC.


Brown v. Topeka Board of Education



An outstanding website created by the students of Ross Valley Junior High School, in Topeka, Kansas, with many graphics, references and narratives.


Brown v. Board of Education (1954)




The full text of the opinion


In Pursuit of Freedom and Equality



A rich website maintained by the Brown Foundation of Topeka, Kansas.  Contains issues of Brown Foundation newsletter, student activities, a virtual exhibition, and historical information.


Teaching with Documents:  Brown v. Board of Education



A site maintained by the National Archives and Records Administration.  Contains images of documents along with bibliographies and lesson plans, at several grade levels.


An Annotated Bibliography of Selected ChildrenÕs and Young Adult Books





Compiled by the University of Illinois at Urbana.  Lists works on the Supreme Court decision, as well as on school segregation generally.  Includes works of non-fiction, as well as fiction.

The Civil Rights Project of Harvard University



The Civil Rights Project generates, synthesizes and publishes research on key civil rights issues and policies, including several issues on higher education, bilingualism, educational diversity, and affirmative action.



The Civil Rights Coalition for the 21st Century



The Leadership Conference on Civil Rights (LCCR) is the nationÕs premier civil rights coalition, and has coordinated the national legislative campaign on behalf of every major civil rights law since 1957.  It advocates for a number of equal educational opportunity issues.


School Desegregation and Prejudice in the United States



A curriculum unit prepared by the Yale New Haven Teachers Institute

***Illnois Humanities Council:  Brown v. Board – 50 Years Later:  Conversations on Integration, Race, and the Courts




The Illinois Humanities CouncilÕs program uses the 50th anniversary of the court decision to reflect on the continued relevance of the issues central to the case.  This website includes a description of the historical context and a link to additional resources.


***Smithsonian National Museum of American History:  Separate Is Not Equal – Brown v. Board of Education



The SmithsonianÕs program to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the court decision.  This website includes teacher lesson plans and student resources for a variety of grade levels.  It also has a ÒReflectionsÓ section where people who attended school before and after the Supreme Court decision can post answers to questions about school experiences.