History of American Indians

AHTC Focus Workshop

April 28, 2007








American Indians in Children’s Literature

A critical discussion of American Indians in children’s books, school curriculum, popular culture, and society-at-large.  Webmaster:  Debbie Reese, University of Illinois Native American House






This is a highly recommended site for nonfiction and fiction resources to teach about Native peoples.  Click on “resources” to find information on recommended books from an Indian perspective and books to avoid when teaching about Thanksgiving.  Order books and materials for children of preschool age through high school.




Native American Nations


This website contains links to pages that have been set up by the nations themselves or are devoted to a particular Indian nation.  Organized in alphabetical order.




Techniques for Evaluating American Indian Web Sites

Designed to provide guidelines for identifying accurate and inaccurate websites for learning and teaching about American Indians, this site asks some specific questions that you and your students can ask when identifying the value of links you find.  For example, “Does the site’s URL give you any information as to the authority and validity of the site?”  “If the site claims to represent a tribe or a tribal view, is there information supporting the claim that it is an ‘official’ or authorized Web site for the tribe?”




Smithsonian Institute: National Museum of the American Indian





Internet Public Library:  Native American Authors


This site provides information on Native authors and links to online resources such as interviews, online texts, and tribal websites.  Easily organized by authors, titles, and tribes.




Indian Country Today Magazine


“Since 1981, Indian Country Today has been a persuasive voice in American Indian journalism.”  They publish quarterly magazines, a weekly newspaper, and the website is an important resource for the most timely news and special features. 




Illinois State Museum

This MuseumLink from the Illinois State Museum invites students and teachers to explore Native American life in Illinois.  The links to the left help you navigate the site, and include prehistoric and historic periods, information on different tribes, and activities for teachers.  A must-see website, especially for the elementary class!




History News Network

“Even those who profess utter indifference to history are beholden to it.”  An interesting site for any history teacher – includes opinion articles from historians and others about teaching history, links to classroom lesson plans, and other links to hot topics.




Lewis and Clark and the Indian Country:  200 Years of American History


Inspired by the bicentennial of the Corps of Discovery, this exhibition at the Newberry Library explores how the two histories (the explorers and the Indian peoples along their travel route) came together 200 years ago.  As you enter the virtual exhibit, you can learn about Native American communities that Lewis and Clark encountered, specific interactions between the Corps of Discovery and the native peoples, the impact of western expansion, and contemporary Native American life along Lewis and Clark’s route today.