African American Education: A Focus Workshop
February 27, 2010

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University of Virginia Special Collections



Jackson Davis, an educational reformer and amateur photographer, took nearly 6,000 photographs of African American schools, teachers and students throughout the Southeastern United States. His photographs -- most intended to demonstrate the wretched conditions of African American schools in the south and to show how they could be improved -- provide a unique view of southern education during the first half of the twentieth century.


University of Mississippi Department of Archives and Special Collections



This exhibit examines African American's education in Mississippi before integration. It includes photographs from the John E. Phay Collection taken to document the Mississippi public school system, as well as materials from two private black institutions established in the early 1900s -- the Piney Woods Country Life School and the Mississippi Industrial College.

Documents and images from the Rockefeller Archive




Beginning in the early 1880s, Rockefeller philanthropy supported educational opportunity for African Americans through gifts to individual schools and through the American Baptist Home Mission Society and, later, the American Baptist Education Society.

Library of Congress – From Slavery to Freedom:  The African-American Pamphlet Collection, 1824-1909


“Negro Education Not a Failure” – the address by Booker T. Washington in the concert hall of Madison Square Garden, New York on Lincoln’s birthday in 1904.

“Education Will Solve the Race Problem.  A Reply.”

Library of Congress Prints and Photographs


Images of reformers and activists Mary Church Terrell, Nannie Helen Burroughs, Mary Mcleod Bethune

North Carolina Public Radio



 North Carolina Public Radio interview with James Anderson

Talking History


An audio segment of the unanimous 1950 Supreme Court decision that helped pave the way for the Brown v. Board of Education decision.    (Scroll down to “Segment 2:  From the Archives:  ‘Sweatt v. Painter’ [1950]” and click on “MP3”)


The Significance of the 99th Pursuit Squadron

Injustice to the Southern States or Human Nature?  Analyzing the Debate Surrounding the 3/5ths Compromise

The Crosswhite Fugitive Slave Case

Local and National Reactions to Brown v. Board of Education, 1954

School Integration:  Just a Southern Problem?

Segregated Schools in the North

Brown v. Board of Education Web List

Teaching Tolerance



This timeline spans school integration in the U.S. from 1849, with the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruling that segregated schools are permissible, to 2007, when the Supreme Court finds voluntary school integration plans unconstitutional.

“A Dream We All Can Share” – an article reflecting on Martin Luther King Day and the observance of Black History Month – suggestions on helping families and schools embrace this legacy beyond a day or a month

Smithsonian Education


Black History teaching resources, including an African American History Virtual Tour, reading lists for students ages 3-10 and 10 and up, and much more.

The National Museum of African American History and Culture “For Educators” page, including lesson plans and a children’s literature list.

Brown v. Board of Education


Kansas and the African American Public School Experience, 1855-1955:  an online exhibit

Brown v. Board of Education:  Myths v. Truths

Teaching Tolerance Article, “Brown v. Board:  Where Are We Now?”

The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education


Statistics on African Americans in higher education; a Timeline of African Americans in higher education.

Biography of Mary Church Terrell

Biography of Nannie Helen Burroughs

Biography of Mary Mcleod Bethune

Biography of Anna J Cooper

Biographies of female reformers