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Lesson Plans created by AHTC teachers:

Founding Era

Antebellum Era

Westward Expansion

The Civil War





World War I

The 1920s

The Great Depression

World War II

Postwar America

The 1960s

The Vietnam War

America at the End of the 20th Century

Civil Rights Movements

World War II

Discrimination on the Homefront
written by Mark Foley
for grades 9-12

"We Can Do It!"
American Women and World War II

written by Natalee Steffen
for grades 6-8

American War Propaganda: WWII and Beyond
written by Michael Pollock
for grades 9-12

World War II in the Pacific and Home
written by Todd Searing
for grades 6-8

Campbell Soup: Discrimination and the Committee on Fair Employment
written by Don Owen
for grades 6-8

Holocaust Art: Making Abstract Ideas More Concrete
written by Julie Erlinger
for grades 9-12

The Tuskegee Airmen: African American Pilots During World War II
written by Mary Mann
for grades 3-5

Racism, Fear, and the Japanese Internment
written by Tami Bajema
for grades 9-12

The Use of Political Cartoons to Encourage Homefront Participation During World War II
written by Richard Clift
for grades 5-8

What Did You Do During the War?
Illinois Citizens' Efforts to Support the War, 1941-45
written by Mark Foley
for grades 9-12

Citizen Involvement in the War at Home: Food Rationing
written by Patricia Plaut
for grades 3-5

Persuasive Social Posters
written by Joy Aulph
for grades 6-8

Analyzing Propaganda
written by Ryan Martin
for grades 5-8

Homefront Involvement During War: World War II vs. the War on Terror
written by Tina Gersdorf
for grades 6-8

World War II Letters
written by Krista Ruud
for grades 6-8

Dropping of the Atomic Bombs in World War II
written by Jesse Guzman
for grades 6-8

The Significance of the 99th Pursuit Squadron
written by Staci Ward
for grades 3-5

An Introduction to African American Efforts in World War II
written by Renayee Westfield
for grades 3-5




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