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Lesson Plans created by AHTC teachers:

Founding Era

Antebellum Era

Westward Expansion

The Civil War





World War I

The 1920s

The Great Depression

World War II

Postwar America

The 1960s

The Vietnam War

America at the End of the 20th Century

Civil Rights Movements


Discovering the Architecture of Your Neighborhood
written by Zach Cain
for grades 6-8

The Impact of Electric Lighting on American Families
written by Mark Freedman
for grades 6-8

Picture History!
written by Tina Gersdorf
for grades 5-8

Girls and Mills Meet in Lowell, Massachusetts
written by Todd Searing
for grades 6-8

The Origins of American Post-Industrialism
written by Matt Buckles
for grades 9-12

Life in Lowell: One Woman's Memory
written by Priscilla Kron
for grades 6-8

Reversing the Flow of the Chicago River:
An Engineering Marvel or Environmental Catastrophe?

written by Matt Buckles
for grades 9-12

The Battle of the Overpass and its Lasting Impact on Labor History
written by Brandon Sethi
for grades 6-8

The Haymarket Affair:
Why Were the Eyes of the World on Chicago in 1887?

written by Don Barbour
for grades 6-8

On Display:  Imperialism, Nationalism, Racism and Progress? 
The Louisiana Purchase Exposition (1904 World’s Fair

written by Christine Adrian
for grades 7-12

Imperialism (and Humans) on Display: The 1904 World's Fair
written by Matt Goerss
for grades 9-12

Danger: Children at Work
written by Priscilla Kron
for grades 6-8

Cotton Chronicles
written by Mary Anne Jusko
for grades 3-5


Our lesson plans are always being updated. Please check back often!