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Lesson Plans created by AHTC teachers:

Founding Era

Antebellum Era

Westward Expansion

The Civil War





World War I

The 1920s

The Great Depression

World War II

Postwar America

The 1960s

The Vietnam War

America at the End of the 20th Century

Civil Rights Movements

Founding Era

Examining the Articles of Confederation
written by Jacob Bretz
for grades 9-12

We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution
a WebQuest written by Laurene Stephens
for grade 11

The United States Constitution
a WebQuest written by Mary Reger
for grades 5-9

The Constitution
a WebQuest written by Todd Searing
for grade 7

So You Want to Run a Presidential Campaign...
a WebQuest written by Katie Snyder
for grade 3

The French Revolution's Affair with American Documents
written by Scarlett Weibull
for grades 9-12

The Three Branches of Government
a WebQuest written by Brenda Foster
for grades 4-5

Injustice to the Southern States or Human Nature?
written by Mark Foley
for grades 9-12

Money Makes the World Go Around
written by Tiffany Clark
for grades 2-4

The American Revolution: The First Shot April 19, 1775
written by Mary Reger
for grade 4

Revolutionary and Early American Poetry
written by Jennifer McQueen
for grades 11 and 12

Rights and Freedoms in Society: A Look at Our World Compared to the Fictional World of Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451
written by Julie Erlinger
for grades 9-12

The Second Amendment Tested
written by Matt Buckles
for grades 9-12

Compromise: Why was Compromise Necessary During the Constitutional Convention
written by Jesse Guzman
for grades 5-8

George Washington: A Reluctant President
written by Christine Cahill
for grades 3-5

Was the Three-Fifths Compromise Fair?
written by Hyung Ro
for grades 5-8

Our lesson plans are always being updated. Please check back often!