CASE Audiology
809 N. Neil St., Champaign, IL 61820 (located in Champaign Early Childhood Center)
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Audiology Services

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Complete audiological diagnostic services (e.g.., threshold testing, speech perception testing, tympanometry, otoacoustic emissions) are available as well as evaluations of hearing aids, FM systems or cochlear implants, and interpretation of testing done by outside evaluators. CASE audiologists also manage specialized amplification equipment for students with hearing impairment. Test results are shared with the parents, school and any medical provider or agency the parents would like to have notified.


Consultation services are available to school staff and parents. Audiologists will provide information and referral for related services not provided by this office such as referral for the evaluation of hearing aids or a cochlear implant and resources for financial assistance for medical care related to hearing or the purchase of hearing aids or cochlear implants.


Audiologists will provide inservices to parents, students, school personnel or community agencies concerning: hearing health care, testing procedures, amplification or other related topics. Inservices are often conducted in cooperation with local Teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing or the CASE Vision and Hearing Coordinator.


Impedance screening or tympanometry is conducted in the early childhood (3-5 year olds) classrooms in the area. This test helps identify children who may have intermittent ear and hearing problems due to ear infection or middle ear fluid. It is not a direct test of hearing, but rather helps identify children who may need further audiological or medical evaluation. Mass hearing screenings are not provided by CASE, but rather by local school nurses or audiometric technicians (through the Illinois Department of Public Health). Children that fail the hearing screening provided in the school are eligible for complete diagnostic hearing testing at the CASE office.