CASE Audiology
809 N. Neil St., Champaign, IL 61820 (located in Champaign Early Childhood Center)
Phone: 217-355-1214 or -1254 | Fax: 217-355-1265

Referral Process

Child writes in notebook with pencil.CASE is committed to making diagnostic services available to children based on parent or teacher concerns about the child’s hearing, and maintains an open referral policy. Children being evaluated for the possibility of other disabilities (i.e., speech/language, learning disability, attention deficit) should have a hearing evaluation to rule out hearing loss. Please feel free to call the audiologists with questions if you are unsure about referring a specific child.

Referral forms are available from your Director of Special Education or may be requested from the CASE Audiology office. After a referral is received, the CASE office will contact the family to schedule a hearing test. If the family cannot be reached by phone, they will be contacted by mail. Please be aware that attempting to schedule via the mail often delays our efforts in obtaining a hearing test. Parents bring their children to the hearing evaluation so that they may participate in the evaluation and be informed about the results.