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Two children reading a book at the libraryHearing Checklist

The following is a list of behavior patterns that are often characteristic of children with unidentified hearing loss.  If three or more of the behaviors are identified, a hearing test is recommended.

  1. Appears not to be paying attention. May seem to daydream or be withdrawn.

  2. Hearing inconsistently. Appears to hear some days or in some settings and not hear at other times.

  3. Frequently requests repetition. Asks “what?” or “huh?”

  4. Does not put endings on words and/or has difficulty pronouncing sounds such as “s”, “sh”, “th” and “f”.

  5. Has allergies, frequent colds or ear infections. Has had PE tubes placed in ears.

  6. Seems to be very visual and/or concentrates on people’s faces when they talk.

  7. Does not follow oral directions.

  8. Sometimes gives answers unrelated to the question asked.

  9. Complaints of ear pain or tugs at ears. Complaints of noise or buzzing in ears.

  10. Has short attention span or is easily distracted.