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On Monday, August 25, Urbana alumni, supporters, and students came together to be taught by Superintendent Donald Owen how to tie a bow-tie.  Just in time for National Bow-Tie day (Thursday, August 28), the fundraiser was more than a fashion class – it was a fundraiser for the Greg Chew Scholarship.  The gathering was something that those who knew Mr. Chew said he would approve of.

At Mr. Chew’s urging and in honor of the former drama, theatre, and English teacher, Urbana School District #116 created a scholarship for Urbana students interested in pursing drama or theatre in post-secondary schooling.  Drama was a life-long pursuit for Mr. Chew and many of the students he taught.  He was a popular English teacher, along with speech and theatre, at UHS and UMS for 35 years. During his tenure with the District, he became the director of the UHS drama program and made a lasting impression on the many students who joined the program. Mr. Chew passed away in May of 2014 after a battle with cancer.  The District is looking to raise $25,000 for the endowed scholarship fund to be self-sustaining.  The bow-tie clinic was the first of many events that will benefit the scholarship.

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The mission of Urbana School District 116, a multicultural community committed to educational excellence, is to ensure that all learners acquire knowledge, develop skills, and build character to achieve personal greatness and help create a better global society, by providing innovative, comprehensive programs, respecting individual learning styles and cultural differences, and fostering caring and nurturing relationships, while engaging each student, every family and the entire community.


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