Dual Language Family de bienvendia al año – a gallery

On Friday, August 28, a family potluck picnic to welcome the new school year was held in Crystal Lake Park for the students, families, and staff of the dual language programs at Dr. Williams, Leal, UECS, and UMS.  Tomás el Tigre made a special appearance and had a blast taking […]



Important Food Service menu information

IMPORTANT MENU INFORMATION: We made an error on our PORK markings on the August and September menus. Please see the menu items below that ARE made with Pork Products: Pepperoni Pizza (Every Friday) Baked Beans (Once a week) Italian Salad (Pepperoni in it) BBQ Pork Riblet We are very sorry […]

#WeekOfTigerSelfie – the gallery

Right before school started for USD116 students and staff, Tomás el tigre was visiting some of our schools, attending events, and introducing himself to a lot of our teachers, staff, and some students.  Below are the tiger selfies from Tomás’ adventures.  Stay tuned, as he will venture out into the schools, […]